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National Knitting Week

National Knitting Week
National Knitting Week

Itching to get stitching?
Pick up your pins for
National Knitting Week
13-21 October 2017

Running from 13-21 October 2017, National Knitting Week aims to inspire the next generation of knitters and get your community crazy for knitting!

This special week of crafty events was first celebrated in 2005 after it was created by Knitting Magazine.  There’s lots of ways to get involved.  You can organise free ‘knitting and crochet’ classes, fashion shows to show off your newly spun clothes and much, much more.

At the National Knitting Week website, you can find the full lists of all the events taking place in your in your area.  You could always check out where your local knitting club is held and find out about joining in with all the fun and games.

Knitting has really taken an up-turn in recent years and there are lots of local knitting clubs around.  And, it’s not just about baby clothes and jumpers anymore!  You may have heard about the fantastic woollen figures, all with Olympic and Diamond Jubilee themes that first mysteriously appeared on Saltburn Pier in October 2011.  The figures quickly became a tourist attraction and visitors flocked to see the work of art before it was eventually removed.

Or how about the bunting made of 20,000 plus knitted jerseys created by residents of Masham to celebrate the arrival of the Tour de France in Yorkshire in July 2014 that was ordered to be taken down by North Yorkshire County Council officials after they claimed that the weight of the wool was causing lamp-posts to bend!

It is amazing to see the wonderful hand made items which have been created out of wool.  Today there are loads of different things that you can make, from knitted sweets and cupcakes, to flowers and animals and as we’ve already said, bunting!

And, knitting is not just for the ladies!  There’s an increasing number of men who knit.  But, it’s actually nothing new because in times gone by it was the men who did the knitting, and in some parts of the world this tradition continues today. 

So go on, pick up your pins and knitting wool and get started on that woolly jumper, or why not do something different and make yourself a calorie-free gateau!