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National Hospital and Health System Pharmacy Week
18-24 October 2015

National Hospital and Health System Pharmacy Week - We probably take our pharmacists but they play a very important role in making sure that we stay healthy.  And we're not just talking about any pharmacists! We're talking specifically about the highly trained American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP).

There are 35000 members in the society ... so what do they all do?

Many work in hospitals while other members practice in the home care sector, health maintenance organizations and other sections of the health care systems.

The overall mission?   To encourage as many people as possible to use their medication in the best way possible.  In taking leadership of the usage and distribution of medical drugs, ASHP hopes to achieve the best level of therapy possible for their patients.

Bearing all this in mind, what is the drive behind National Hospital and Health System Pharmacy Week?  Appreciating our pharmacists and technicians will be first and foremost!

If health organizations have successfully been ensuring the safe and effective use of medication in their patients, then they should be giving themselves a big pat on the back - given by themselves and by others!

So are you working for one of these groups and thinking about taking part?   If so there are lots of options to make the week a memorable one!

Because pharmacists work behind the scenes much of the time, they are easily forgotten about.   After all, how often do you go into a hospital and consider the hard work of pharmacists?

Now is the time for them to come forward and show all they can do!  This could be done either by setting up stalls with table tent cards or actually taking staff on tours showing them what their day-to-day activities consist of.

Are you working in a medical organization and want to find out how to improve the running of your services?   Visit the National Hospital and Health System Pharmacy Week website for some helpful strategies!

And don't forget to check out the ASHP midyear event taking place later in the year.  

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