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It’s shocking that horses can be so mistreated, but horse lovers won’t be defeated! National Horse Protection Day 1 March annually

National Horse Protection Day
National Horse Protection Day
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National Horse Protection Day – What comes to mind when you think of horses?   Perhaps a beautiful horse standing in a field – or that time you had to keep dabbing your eyes with a tissue as you struggled not to sob during ‘The Horse Whisperer’!

But unfortunately there is a lot of cruelty happening outside the movies, and the well-cared horses we do see in the countryside.   Some are subject to unimaginable abuse and slaughter.   I was horrified to realise that its the norm to eat horse meat in places like Japan …

Did you know that a bill passed under the Wild Horse Protection Act in 2004 made it okay to slaughter wild horses?  Five years later, BLM (The Bureau of Land Management) that farms these wild horses – decided that they were going to eliminate 620 wild horses.   Why?  Because they were apparently ‘trampling the landscape’.

Ely District Manager John Ruhs, Downer responded by saying that BLM were abandoning the care of the horses in favour of being more concerned about political interests.

So what can horse lovers do on March 1st to demonstrate how much THEY care?   Well the number one way to help would be to adopt a horse!  If you have the resources to bring a horse into your family then you’ll be showing great kindness to an animal that needs it.

But as Coleen Paige and The Animal Miracle Network Foundation realize that it isn’t practical for everyone to adopt a horse there are plenty of others ways you can help!

Do you know of a local riding stables?   If so you could get in touch and explain about the day.  It would be great to get a load of people on board and set up a stall to inform people about the abuse of horses.   Of course it would be a great idea to level this out with some fun activities too!

On National Horse Protection Day what is the easiest way of helping out? – well you can visit the National Horse Protection Day website and scroll to the bottom for a banner of some lovely horses promoting the day!  All you have to is copy and paste it to your Facebook wall on the day.

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