British Awareness Days February

Our hearts can’t survive without love or a healthy lifestyle! National Heart Month every February

National Heart Week

February is National Heart Month.  There are about 2.6 million people in the UK living with Coronary Heart Disease (CHD).  Every single one of us has a heart which means every one of us is at potential risk.

Understanding heart conditions isn’t an easy task – there are lots of different types and knowing how the heart works is more helpful when trying to learn about these conditions.  But looking at the facts will benefit yourself and the people you love in the long run.

Managing your diet, keeping fit, and watching your blood pressure are just a few important factors.   The British Heart Foundation’s webpage has information about heart diseases and how you can beat them.   And, don’t forget to get your free fundraising kit!

This important month also gives us the perfect excuse to sip a glass of red wine – when holding your own Red Wine Tasting Evening!  Red Wine is known to be good for the heart – but only in moderation!   And why not continue the theme by hosting a “Come Dine Red with Me” evening by asking your friends and family to bring along a red themed dish, for example a rich casserole with red wine or a delicious strawberry mousse – the list is endless and a great opportunity for you to practise your cooking skills and raise money at the same time!

But there are other activities for everyone including workmates, family members or friends to take part in.   You could have a Wear red to work day, dye your hair red for the month, or make handmade Valentine’s Day cards to raise funds for this worthwhile cause.  But whatever you decide to do for National Heart Month – you can do it however you want!

There are also some great games and challenge resources for schools – teaching children about how to maintain good health and heart at an early stage.

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