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Turn the world upside down National Gymnastics Day 17 September 2016

National Gymnastics Day
National Gymnastics Day

National Gymnastics Day – It’s time to raise awareness to the fantastic sport gymnastics!   Why?  Because there’s nothing like flying through the air!  It’s great, great fun!  And what’s more this year USA Gymnastics are celebrating the 18th year of this great event!

I’ve taken part in a couple of gymnastics competitions in the past and you’re left with a real feeling of accomplishment afterwards!

You build great strength physically and mentally – because you keep pushing yourself there is always a new challenge and it’s great being able to test you own limits and talents in that way!

So the aim of the day on September 17th is to draw attention to the sport.

In 2011 the mission was to break a world record for … the handstand initiative!

This year anything goes!  But who can take part?  Anyone who is interested!  Whether it’s students, family members or friends everyone will be invited.  Maybe you’re a gymnastics coach and keen to get all the community involved!

In the meantime, check out the official website to start getting inspiration for National Gymnastics Day!