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Art, beauty and science Yes, I’m talking about gardening! National Gardening Week 11-17 April 2016

National Gardening Week
National Gardening Week
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<br />National Gardening Week 2016 will aim to encourage everyone to get involved in gardening as an on going hobby – or for the first time!

Gardens have been around for a really long time!   It all started with prehistoric families trying to improve the general area they lived in.   They did this by removing species they didn’t want in the environment, while improving and nurturing what they did want in their environment.

This went on to see the Romans building gardens with fountains and water features and nowadays, we have all different types all over the world!

But why bother?  Well we grow some beautiful flowers, plants and even food from gardening.  I thought it was really interesting to hear Blue Peter gardener Chris Collins’ thoughts on gardening.   He said that working a plot involves maths, designing a garden takes ‘art’ and that plant care is science!  Phew!

So what is happened during the week in April 2015?  Well, full details of the week haven’t been published yet so keep checking back on the official website for all the information you need.

Meanwhile the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) have a free gardening SOS service!  Here, you can take any queries you have for answering from the experts!

They will even order a border-boosting service.  What’s this?   It means that the RHS will send out six suggestions on how to enhance your garden borders when you send them a picture of yours!

Furthermore, they will even take to social networking to answer the ‘Daily Facebook Question’ with the science and gardens teams, so if technology is more your thing then visit the official National Gardening Week website to find out more.

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