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Stories can be short or they can be flash so give it a bash! National Flash Fiction Day 25 June 2016

National Flash Fiction Day
National Flash Fiction Day
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Get ready for National Flash Fiction Day this June!

But unless you’re familiar with the term, you’re probably wondering what it is.   Flash is a really short story – basically, it contains everything you would write in an ordinary short story, but it’s much more condensed.

One of the most famous micro fiction stories is by writer Ernest Hemingway: “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”   You get so much from just six words alone – amazing that a story created using such a short amount of letters and words could be so poignant!   And although ‘flash fiction’ didn’t become an official term until 1992, this is definitely one of the most famous, and best examples of this type of writing.

Not to mention stories by other famous writers who have embarked on flash fiction: take H.P Lovecraft, Chekhov and Franza Kafka.   I love this one by Kafka!  One of the most debated aspects of flash writing is – what makes it flash fiction?   Does it have to be 100 words?   500 words?   I recently wrote something that was around 700 words – and would definitely call it micro fiction before I would a short story!   Sometimes, it’s more about giving an insight into a moment or an issue without constructing a whole story.

Of course there is no better way to celebrate National Flash Fiction Day than to contribute in writing!   If you fancy yourself doing a bit of flash writing then there are several competitions you can choose from.

And the guidelines vary, so you should be able to find a competition that suits you.   One compeition urges you to take a famous phrase and turn it into a story – another asks you to write based on the inspiration of a photograph!   It just shows how it only has to be something small, for you to make it into something big – whether it’s fantasy, about relationships … whatever you want!

If you’re interested in entering, go to the competition page for more information – but be quick! The deadlines are in soon.

Alternatively, you can set up your own flash fiction event and let the National Flash Fiction Day organisers know about it.

Now – get your pens at the ready!

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