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We’re so fond of our family bonds! National Family Week 27 May – 2 June 2013

National Family Week?  But don’t we spend time with our families every day?   Well we might see them daily, but it’s definitely not the same as spending time together!

The National Family Week foundation has been set up to encourage the amount of quality time families spend together.

It also wants to offer support to families who are having a difficult time and lobbies the Government to solve the problems facing families today.

National Family Week

All the country’s main political parties are supporting the week – they might have their differences but they all have families they love spending time with!

The event was first launched in 2009.   In 2011 over 6,000 events took place up and down the country. And this year the organisers are hoping it will be the biggest annual family celebration so far!

There will headline events kicking off the week and lots happening in all the biggest cities around the UK!   Activities will range from storytime and picnics to sports days.  So you’re sure to find something to suit you and your family!

This weekend I’ve been visiting my family.  We’ve spent time together eating meals, watching films, going on outings with lots of time spent in the fresh air, reminiscing together and most of all we’ve been enjoying our time with each other.  It’s been great and I forgot just how important it is too!

For more information on where, and how your family can take part – or if you want to register your own event, visit the official National Family Week website.