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Itching to find others who also suffer from eczema? Get involved with National Eczema Week 17-25 September 2016

National Eczema Week
National Eczema Week

National Eczema Week takes place from 17-25 September 2016 and the National Eczema Society will be holding events throughout the country.

Unfortunately the impact eczema has on an individual can be overlooked by those that don’t have or understand the condition.

Eczema is a condition that arises when allergens are easily absorbed into, and irritate the skin.  Sufferers will find that because their body isn’t making a sufficient amount of oils and fats they won’t be able to retain as much water – water which acts as a useful barrier against these allergens and bacteria.

If like me you suffer from eczema, you will know how frustrating it can be and how hard it is to avoid scratching!  But you are not alone – it is estimated that 5 million people in the UK suffer from some form of this inflammation of the skin.

National Eczema Week aims to raise awareness of the National Eczema Society and all the places that eczema sufferers and their families can go to get more information, friendly advice and support.

While some may have a few patches of eczema around the body, there are many different kinds of this dermatitis, some of which can really affect your day to day living.   At the National Eczema Week website you can find out loads more about help and treatments.

The society is a registered charity so any money that you can donate will be very welcome.   If you would like to donate to this cause just visit the National Eczema Society’s webpage and find out how.

On the site you can also find out about getting involved with National Eczema Week.   From organising, stalls and quiz nights or simply wearing a t-shirt, you can raise awareness of a problem which touches so many people.