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Does your pet mismatch or can they colour co-ordinate? Make them super stylish on National Dress Your Pet Up Day 14 January annually

January 14th = National Dress Your Pet Up Day!  For one day you have the opportunity to make your pet the most fashion-conscious mutt or kitty in town!

The day doesn’t take too much explaining – dressing up your pet is really just what it says on the tin but I’ll explain a few rules to keep in mind!

In 2009 Celebrity Pet Lifestyle Expert and Animal Behaviourist Coleen Paige decided to set up the day.

The most important thing to remember is that your pets are not dolls or mannequins!   They are living creatures so don’t disrespect them by dressing them in anything ‘vulgar’ or ‘uncomfortable’!

The urge to see your pet dressed as … or … might be strong, but remember your duty as a responsible pet owner is stronger!

If you’re pet is looking uncomfortable, or worse, whimpering or wriggling away it’s time to stop!  A photo shoot might be great fun for the owner but a pet’s feelings need to be taken into account.   But who knows? Maybe you pet will LOVE dressing up!

So remember … the kind of clothes pet will be proud to wear may vary! As a pet owner you’ll know that every animal has its own special personality.  Will your Doberman be happy to be seen pretty in pink?   Or would he prefer a biker hat?

You might also want to check up on the weather forecast beforehand.  If it’s sunny, then great!  Your pet can get donning some fantastic shades. But if it’s raining a sensible (although stylish) and raincoat might be a better idea.

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