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Now’s the time to thank your doc! National Doctors Day 30 March annually

National Doctor's Day
National Doctor's Day
Photo courtesy of Dana Bartekoske Heinemann

National Doctors Day – What would we do without doctors?  The short answer is not much!  We need them to get us better when we’re ill whether that means help with something small or a much bigger, sometimes life-threatening illness.

National Doctor’s Day wants to celebrate our medical professionals and all they do for us – because lets face it we probably take them for granted.

The holiday was first celebrated in 1933 in the US to mark the success of the new general anesthesia in hospitals.

The red carnation has become the symbolic flower for the day after flowers were placed on the graves of deceased doctors as one of the first ways to commemmorate the day.

Modern advances in medicine means people are now living longer – great news for us! So why not take the time to thank your doctor?

Send them an e-card or send a simple message to thank them for all they’ve done – a small token of gratitude that will go a long way!

Or look for a medical gift online – from a novelty syringe pen to cool themed t-shirts there are all sorts of options.  You can get more information about the day by clicking on this link – National Doctor’s Day.

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