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Recognising and supporting family carers National Dementia Carers Day 14 September 2014

National Carers Dementia Day – There are currently over 800,000 people living with dementia in the UK, many of whom are cared for by loved ones, friends and other important people in their lives.  This army of dementia carers holds a wealth of untapped, innovative knowledge.

National Dementia Carers Day has been created to recognise, celebrate and share this support.  Taking place on Sunday 14 September, the UK-wide awareness day has been launched by Dementia UK, SweetTree Home Care Services and Alzheimer’s Society, and falls within World Alzheimer’s Month.

The campaign is designed to inspire community spirit and to help build dementia friendly communities – one of the cornerstones of the Government’s Dementia Challenge.  By highlighting the efforts of these often forgotten carers, sharing their insights and showing that they are not alone, we can start to improve the support they receive.

‘Creating Special Moments’

Caring for a loved one with dementia poses many challenges for families and caregivers.  To live well with dementia means having the right care, and it’s time to give kudos to carers and share what it means to be a dementia carer.

The theme of National Dementia Carers Day 2014 is ‘Creating Special Moments’.  It focuses on celebrating and sharing the unique ways in which dementia carers can create a moment of serenity and recognition for their loved one.  Carers are being asked to share their tips and ideas for helping someone live well with the condition, will all the ideas being collected on a dedicated website – These ideas will then be shared.

Are you a carer?  Then join in by visiting the website and sharing your story, ideas and what being a dementia carer means to you.  Connect with other carers and receive expert advice and support if you need it.

Know a carer?  Then show you support them and are thinking of them by creating a special moment just for them.  Whether it’s treating them to a coffee and piece of cake, or offering your time to give them a much needed break or to do some errands, make it count.

For more information or to share your ideas, please visit the National Dementia Carers Day website or follow them on Twitter @dementia_carers.