April US Awareness Days

Raise awareness this National Child Abuse Prevention Month every April

National Child Abuse Prevention Month takes place every April in the USA.  The aim is to raise awareness of child abuse within communities and to offer children and parents the chance to take part in activities to prevent it from happening.

Beginning initially as a week of activities in 1982, there is now a month-long programme of events held throughout April each year to try and stop child maltreatment throughout the country.

At the National Child Abuse Prevention Month website, you can find out more about the month and ways to stop abuse and offer a child protection.

On the website you can find out more about the ‘Five Protective Factors’ that can help children within families and communities.   There are also tip sheets and an activity calendar to get you thinking and raising awareness.  You can also learn how to spot child abuse signs.

Around 3.6 million children were maltreated in 2006 alone, through physical and emotional child abuse, and it is thought that this shocking figure is on the increase.  But by taking part in events and raising awareness, you can help to prevent it.

For more information, visit the Child Welfare website. By creating a healthy, safe and nurturing environment, you can help stop child abuse this April.

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