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National Cat Day

National Cat Day
National Cat Day

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National Cat Day
29 October

Cat lovers everywhere will know that the National Cat Day slogan – ‘where every day is cat day’ – is so very, very true! But the 29th of October is going to be extra special.

Why?   Because the day is not just about showering our cats with affection, but recognizing all the cats out there in need of being rescued! Did you know that nearly 4 million cats in the US are put into shelters every year?   And between 1-2 million of those cats are put to sleep.

While cats can’t ‘fetch’ or do certain jobs for humans they offer so much! The great thing about cats is they are very independent – they appreciate your cuddles and care but can go off and do their own thing too.   They are so elegant and have a great personality of their own!  I’ve had two cats and of the other cats I’ve known – no one cat ever has the same personality!

I remember when we brought a new kitten into the house she was catching mice all the time – and my other cat who was 16 obviously felt the pressure!   She was too old to catch them anymore so do you know what she did?   One day we arrived home and she presented us with a ready-caught mouse in a trap!  Poor mouse, but that’s what I call using her initiative …

Cats also seem to have a great knack for knowing when their owner is upset.  They’re very intuitive and gentle creatures!

So are you interested in celebrating National Cat Day?   One of the best things you could do is visit your local cat shelter.   I visited one when I was in Rome – and I think it really gives you a good idea of why it’s so important that we support our feline friends.

You could also organise your very own purrfect event and donate the money to a shelter.  One suggestion is to throw a kitty birthday party. Use the cat theme and make up lots of great snacks for your community – and ask them to bring along their cats!   As long as they all get along that is!

Remember you can really help cats this October.   The day is there to be celebrated and the rest is up to you!