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National Cancer Survivors Day 5 June 2016

National Cancer Survivors Day is a wonderful celebration of life!  And it will take place all over the world on the first Sunday in June.  So this year it will be observed on 5 June 2016.

The Cancer Survivors Day Foundation supports hospitals, support groups and other organisations that take part in the events of the day.

Are you a survivor?  If you’ve had cancer and you’re living through it, then you are. Of course getting back on track is never easy.

Financial, physical, emotional and mental issues often have to be taken into account – but together we can all help survivors to overcome the hardships and look forward to a hopeful new future.

Would you like to help out?  Then put together your own event!  If you’re into sports gather some fellow sportsmen or if you’re a music lover get some local talent together!

Whatever you want to do, there are lots more ideas available on the official website!   And don’t forget to register your event at the National Cancer Survivors Day website too.

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