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What interesting tips could you be missing? National Butchers’ Week 14-20 March 2016

National Butchers' Week
National Butchers' Week
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It’s now eitght years since National Butchers’ Week was founded, Meat Trades Journal wanted to promote the skills of butchers throughout the UK.  How have they done this?

By making the week exciting and setting up various activities that get people more involved with their butchers.

‘Ask the Expert’ urges you to speak to your local butchers should you need meat advice.   They could tell you about a special way of cutting meat or offer up some interesting recipes.

Russell Allen put an emphasis on getting local communities involved in the activities – especially children who might not be the most enthusiastic about a trip to the butchers!  But Aubrey Allan Butchers made things fun by having the children come in behind the scenes to make their own sausages – and also had them put them out on display in full view of their proud parents!

Butchers everywhere will be holding events to showcase the knowledge they have to offer as well as information about getting value for money.

And by the sound of a recent National Butchers’ Week survey, we could do with the advice!  Two out of ten Britons interviewed thought that tofu was meat-based – while three out of ten admitted to having no idea how long it takes to cook a chicken.  Unsurprisingly over half of 18-24 year old’s were found to have no knowledge on how to cook a Sunday Roast.

This year the Meat Trades Journal are asking butchers to nominate a male or female colleague who they believe are the sexiest!

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