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National Blog Posting Month

National Blog Posting Month
National Blog Posting Month

Are you up to
the challenge to write
a blog every day!
National Blog
Posting Month

National Blog Posting Month celebrates all the weird and wonderful blogs out there!  Moreover, it encourages YOU to start your own blog if you don’t have one yet.

I know that a lot of the time if I’m researching a topic and can’t find anything by doing a main search on Google I move onto the ‘Blogs’ tab.

For example I loved all the costumes in a television programme called ‘The Hour’.  But online I realised none of the main newspapers or magazine sites had picked up on this topic.  However, when I searched under blogs, there were a few that had written about exactly what I was looking for!

While some people opt for a monthly blog, others prefer to write daily or weekly.   It varies and I know while I might write a couple one week, I might not write another ’til the next month!

However, this November you are asked to write a blog every day for the whole month.   Sound overwhelming?   Each post doesn’t have to be huge.  It can be a collection of small posts if you want!

The fact is you can find a blog on pretty much any topic nowadays. Fashion, sports, food, you name it!

And technology is so fast-paced these days.   You can understand why some are now arguing that bloggers could be journalists of the future!

One American journalist even left his job at FOX and NBC to report via his blog.   The result?   He’s now one of the most successful bloggers around!

I’ve also read about young people who were recognised on their blogs to the extent that they have now made a business out of it.

Are you keen to start blogging?  But stuck for ideas?  I know I was when I first started.  For more inspiration, why not go to the National Blog Posting Month blog and then it’s over to you!

Happy Blogging!