Here comes the sun
Cook something new
on your barbeque!
National BBQ Week
26 May - 1 June 2014

National BBQ Week

The 18th National BBQ Week will take place from 26 May to 1 June 2014.  What a great way to celebrate the warmer days and lighter evenings with some al fresco dining!

Most people will stick to chicken, burgers and sausages, but this is the time to be experimental!  Seafood is great on the barbie wrapped in foils and covered with herbs and lemon juice to make them extra delicious.

And even if you do stick with the usual meats you can always marinate them - such a small change - but it makes food extra tantalising!

Let's not forget the dessert options too.  How about barbequed pineapple or bananas with a huge dollop of ice cream!

Them once you've got all your food sorted out remember to sort out drinks: a jug of sangria or Pimms and some non-alcoholic tropical drinks should do the trick!

All you need next is to plan a garden party, grab some friends and finally the most important aspect - the sun!

For all the guidance you need on the tastiest meats and vegetables, plus marinades and desserts to cook you'll find a great selection of recipes at the National BBQ Week website.

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