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National Badger Day

National Badger Day
National Badger Day

Help protect
the nation's badgers on
National Badger Day
6 October

National Badger Day takes place on 6 October each year.

On the day badger organisations, individuals and groups will be engaging in a range of events.  Events are designed to raise awareness of badger protection issues, spread information about badgers and to raise funds for The Badger Trust.

The Badger Trust works towards badger protection, helps badger welfare and aims to conserve badger setts and habitats.  The Trust also works with other local, voluntary organisations to help provide expert advice on badger issues and contribute to collective protection of badgers.

What do we really know about badgers?  Maybe lots if you’re an expert but probably not much if you’re not exactly clued up like me!  Do you know where the word badger comes from?  ‘Bucher’ which means ‘digger’ in French.  Digging underground allows badgers to create underground setts that they hang around until night time when they come out and hunt for food.

Events are not exclusive to specialised badger groups.   Anyone can take part on National Badger Day and do their bit to help these nocturnal animals.  I am passionate about protecting our wildlife and badgers are no different.

The Badger Trust also works closely with the government to debate badger issues; such as the perceived spread of tuberculosis caused by badgers and the proposed solution to launch badger culls and large scale ‘badger disposal’ to prevent this.  But all the work requires funding and help raising awareness.

Sponsored events such as swimming, walking and cycling are great ways to raise funds while still being eco-friendly.  Other fund raising ideas include staging an event such as a concert or a play and selling things as diverse as home-baked goods, second-hand books or other unused household goods.

Want to see badgers?  All you need to know is where to find them!  At the Fantail Cottage in East Sussex you’re promised bed and breakfast along with the view of a patio that is regularly patrolled by badgers!   And in Boat of Garten, Scotland, you can take part in organised badger watch groups!