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Awaken your taste buds it’s National Asparagus Month! Every May

National Asparagus Month
National Asparagus Month

Throughout May it’s National Asparagus Month – the perfect time to try out this delicious vegetable!

Asparagus isn’t everyone’s favourite vegetable to have at lunch or dinner time, but there are lots of exciting ways to try it – and there are lots of healthy benefits that come from eating it too!

Native to Europe, asparagus is a great source of fibre and is rich in vitamins A, B and C as well as folic acid – perfect for getting you fit and ready for summer if you’re working towards that bikini body for the holidays!

The British asparagus season runs from May to June and it is considered to be the best in the world.  Asparagus comes in green, purple and white.  The white variety, which is grown in the dark to stop the colour developing is popular in Europe, although it is quite readily available in the UK too.  The majority of British asparagus is green.

When buying asparagus choose firm but tender stalks with good colour and closed tips.  Asparagus soon looses its flavour and tenderness, so it is best eaten on the day of purchase.

Before cooking wash in cold water and remove the ends of the stalks. Boil or steam until just tender (4-7 minutes depending on thickness).  Or, why not try it in a stir-fry, blend it in some delicious soup or simply boil it on its own and season with a little salt and pepper for melt in the mouth munchies!

One of my favourite ways of eating asparagus is with soft boiled eggs. I cook the asparagus spears, as above and then dip them in the gooey egg yolk – yum!

For more information, and all you need to know about asparagus, including events around the UK and great recipes go to the National Asparagus Month website.

So get ready for National Asparagus Month and start eating your greens this May!

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