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Fruit, flowers and veg allotment gardening with an edge! National Allotment Week 8-14 August 2016

National Allotment Week
National Allotment Week
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National Allotment Week – How often do you use allotments?   Unless you’re an enthusiast or well informed I’m guessing not very often!

There can be a misconception that allotments are boring – but there are several reasons to have one.   This is why National Allotment Week aims to draw awareness to allotment gardens that are locally available to you.

National Allotments Garden Trust and the National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners will also be teaming to get local authorities recognising their importance – not just locally – but nationally too.

So what are the benefits of using allotments?  There are so many because everything is grown fresh!

You can nurture and watch over your own fruit, vegetables and flowers! You can then add your juicy and delicious food to healthy meals. Not to mention you can be completely sure that there is no added rubbish in ’em!

And if you get other people on board planting with you it can be a great community project.   You’ll be having some great conversations while you work – a real bonding activity!

You’ll also be out in the open air getting some great exercise which is fantastic for you, not just physically but mentally too.

That’s not all you can do with an allotment!  Of course everything you grow can be sold and exhibited – and everyone can admire all the effort you’ve put in!

So what could you do for the all-important National Allotment Week?  It all depends who you are.   Learning about how sources are grown is very educational – so these organisations are calling for school pupils to be taken on visits to allotments.  They are also asking the owners of the allotments to open them up to the public for the week!

Sadly, allotments are constantly under threat from developers so it is very important that local communities support their allotments.  Why not visit an allotment near you to see what’s going on.

And if you enjoy gardening … get involved!  Find out about starting your own plot and take the first steps to allotment gardening!

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