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Mouth Cancer Action Month

Mouth Cancer Action Month
Mouth Cancer Action Month

Be aware of the signs
Mouth Cancer
Action Month

Mouth Cancer Action Month – although it is a bleak and very serious subject, the good news is that spotting the disease early on increases chances of survival to more than 90%!

So what does mouth cancer look like?  While there aren’t any signs for some people, others can detect early signs of mouth cancer: bleeding in the mouth, red or white patches, and constant soreness are all symptoms.

The causes of mouth cancer aren’t always fully understood by doctors, but they do know that factors like smoking and drinking heighten your chances of developing it.   Moreover, if you are drinking and smoking at the same time, the liquid from the alcohol will aid the tobacco in being absorbed faster into your system.  This simultaneous consumption means you’re thirty times more likely to develop the condition.

Aside from these avoidances maintaining a healthy attitude to food will also decrease your chances of mouth cancer.  Specifically, taking notice of your five a day … and going for six a day if you really feel like it!  Bringing fish and eggs into your diet is also said to improve your health.

And don’t forget about lip cancer.  SPF lip balms are a great idea because they’ll help protect you from the danger of the sun’s rays!

For more information about mouth cancer risk factors click here.  So how can we support Mouth Cancer Action Month in November?  Get involved in the Blue Ribbon Badge Appeal!   Each ribbon will contribute a £1 donation, and the more people buy them, the bigger and better the impact.

Dentists and healthcare professionals should also be ready to teach people about the disease and the press should report the facts so people are more clued up.

Whether you’re a member of the public, the press, or in the professional sector, you can find out more information on how you can help during that all important month at the Mouth Cancer Action Month website.