October US Awareness Days

Mole Day

Join the celebrations
and commemorate
Avogadro's number
Mole Day
23 October

Each year on 23 October the Mole Day celebrations begin at 6.02am and finish at 6.20pm the next day!

Precise, huh?  Well that’s because this all-important day has nothing to do with the animal, but commemorates Avogadro’s number (6.02 x 10 23) – a unit of measurement in chemistry.

Does the word molecule ring a bell?   The word mole comes from the word and if you’re like me and feeling a bit rusty since chemistry class, then an explanation will go a long way!

One mole is a mass – and the number of that mass is equal to the atomic mass of the molecule.  So if we take an atom of neon – which has an atomic mass of 20, what will one mole equal?  20 grams of course!

The National Mole Foundation think it’s important to recognise the discovery by Amadeo Avogadro who didn’t receive recognition until after his death!   The foundation also wants to raise awareness of chemistry.  They want to get students and as many people as possible feeling enthusiastic about the subject!

This year’s theme will be: ‘The MOLEvengers’.  So, will you pledge allegiance to the mole?  Why not visit the Mole Day website for all the information you need about what’s happening this year.

In the meantime you could start planning your own mole-like activity.  You could plan out a scavenger hunt, write a mole day song or plan some mole jokes to drop into conversation throughout the day.   What is Avogadros favourite music?   ‘Rock ‘n Mole’!   What line from Shakespeare do high school moles have to memorize?   ‘To mole or not to mole that is the question.’   You get the picture …

And just because the mole in question is about chemistry doesn’t mean you can’t use real live moles for inspiration!   Organise your event and then dress as a mole.   Who can come up with the best outfit?  The race is on!