April US Awareness Days

Get your calculators ready for Mathematics Awareness Month every April

Mathematics Awareness Month
Mathematics Awareness Month
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Throughout April it’s Mathematics Awareness Month, so if you love long division or are mad for multiplication these month-long activities are for you!

The celebrations were first started by President Ronald Reagan in 1986. The goal was to help people understand and appreciate maths.

Whether young or old, there are workshops, competitions, exhibits, festivals and lectures you can get involved with.  Why not get your college or university involved, or start an interest group?

Each year a different theme is chosen, and in 2016 it’s all about ‘The Future of Prediction’,  Wow that sounds interesting!

Well, the month aims to explore how maths and statistics help us with everyday complex systems like the Internet and power grids and seeing how they work.

At the Mathematics Awareness Month website for the month’s mathematical merriment, you can find out all about the activities taking place.

If you’re too shy to take part in the activities, then you can always visit The Math Forum a website dedicated to helping improve people’s math knowledge with puzzles, discussions and online tools.

Whatever you do this April, get involved and get thinking!

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