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When a little goes a long way … Lymphatic Cancer Awareness Week 12-18 September 2016

Help make a huge difference during Lymphatic Cancer Awareness Week   by doing something small.  So first of all: what is Lymphoma?

Lymphatic Cancer Awareness Week

Lymphatic Cancer Awareness Week

The clue is in the name – Lymphomas are cancers that affect and attack the lymph nodes in many parts of the body.  It could prevent someone’s body from creating new blood cells or could affect the liver or some other essential body part.

This year the Lymphoma Association will be celebrating their 29th anniversary and if you want to find out about their achievements then visit the official website to find out more how the organisation has grown and developed over the last 30 years.

The first Lymphatic Cancer Awareness Week took place in 2000 and the charity has been working hard since then to raise awareness and help people who are affected by lymphoma.

The Lymphoma Association will be arranging tea breaks to raise money for their charity.  You can join in with your local Great British Tea Break or hold your own!  A sum as small as £15 would enable supporters to answer a call from someone who is new to the condition and needs specialist information and support.  All these little aids give lymphoma patients a greater chance of survival.   I don’t know about you, but I enjoy a cuppa whatever the excuse – so I love the idea of raising money for a worthwhile cause while I’m doing it!

If you are unable to get to an event why don’t you even just make a donation to have a cup of tea and help the charity to continue their great work.

Someone close to me has been affected by Lymphoma and with the treatment and expert help he received is now making a full recovery. Find out more information on the condition and how you can help by visiting the official website.