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Don’t feel left out Celebrate Left Handers Day! 13 August annually

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Don’t feel left out – Celebrate Left Handers Day!  Are you tired of trying to use gadgets and tools made for right handed people at home or in the office?   Then vent your frustration on, August 13th!

Left Handers Day

Left Handers Day

I’m left handed and the things right handed people take for granted, like your computer mouse or scissors, can be more difficult for left handed people to use.   So Left Handers Day encourages everyone who’s left handed to get their own back!

I once had a great mug that was only to be used in a left handed way.  If a right handed person used it they would encounter a misfortune – you see if the mug was held in the right hand there was a small hole near the top and any liquids would come spilling out onto the unfortunate right handed user.  I have to say the mug was never used because I would not like to cause my family and friends any distress in this way – and I certainly don’t advocate that right handed members of society deserve to be drenched in hot fluids!!

Nevertheless, we lefties can have a difficult time in this right handed world.  For example, I always get a sore red mark at the base of my thumb when using right handed scissors!

And, when I was at school I would always have ink all over my hands at the end of the day – because as I was writing I was also dragging ink across the page.  Ever since then I have always been really fussy about ballpoint pens – if they have any signs of blotting they go in the bin!

Whenever I visit my sister she always knows if I have been doing things in her kitchen because everything faces to the left rather then the right – the kettle handle, spoon handles and kitchen utensils in the cutlery drawer and knife blades.

There are lots of famous left handed celebrities, for example, Tom Cruise, Matt Dillon, Angelina Jolie, President Obama, Prince William and Sir Paul McCartney.  In fact, Sir Paul McCartney found it really difficult to learn to play the guitar in a right handed way.  So he reversed the order of the strings and the rest is history as they say!

Left Handers Day aims to promote awareness of the difficulties left handed people can face.  And at the Left Handers Day website you can download posters to mark your territory as a left handed zone.

So, why not embrace your left side this August 13th!

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