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The power to inspire = the skills you can acquire! Learning at Work Week 16-22 May 2016

Learning at Work Week takes place from 16-22 this May.  The organisers of the event want us to ‘get inspired’ to highlight the ways that learning and development can support workers and employers to plan for the future and develop new ways of working in our ever changing world.

In a time of economic difficulty it’s important to make sure your skills are still up to scratch – and that you’re focusing on developing your current skills and learning new ones too!

Emphasis will be put on creativity in the workplace and employees will be encouraged to look at ways of self motivation and learning – coming up with original ideas is something most of us can do when we put our mind to it!

And it’s these ideas that are essential to building a strong workforce.  The question is what makes a leader?  There will be all sorts of activities taking place including job swaps and team work to help answer this question!

For more learning at work ideas and information on how your work can register at the Learning at Work Week website.

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