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King Harold Day
10 October 2015

King Harold Day

King Harold Day - The story of King Harold is an epic one!  And to celebrate this, a medieval event has been set up to remember the infamous tale and the powerful man behind it!

As the last Saxon King of England Harold is probably best know for this title and his death at the 1066 Battle of Hastings.  But what about before then?

It was always certain that Harold would lead an extraordinary life.  Born to Godwin, the Earl of Wessex, this meant that he too inherited this important role.

It is said that in 1064 Harold found himself shipwrecked near Normandy. He was apparently forced by William I to swear an oath that agreed William was the rightful successor to take over from King Edward when he died.

However, when the time came Harold stepped in as the new King - much to the anger of William!   And someone else ... The King of Norway Harald Hadrada also claimed HE was the rightful successor to the throne.

So he invaded England - but was defeated by king Harold!  But it wasn't over yet, as days later William landed in England and finally killed Harold at the Battle of Hastings.  Apparently via an arrow shot in the eye ... ouch!

So we know all about Harold as a King.  But who are we celebrating as a man?   He was said to be tall, and handsome!

Personality-wise, he has been described as 'insane' - and whatever the cause there is no doubting his courage as a warrior!

The tale of King Harold and the Battle of Hastings seems to be such a popular story because the ending is so dramatic ... and a source of excitement to us because it happened so long ago and really does seem like a legend!

King Harold Day will take place on 10 October 2015 between 10.00am - 4.00pm in the (very appropriate) archaic Abbey Gardens in Waltham Abbey, West Sussex.

Past years have enjoyed a really fantastic atmosphere, where visitors get to revel in realistic events from the period.  And there is lots happening throughout the day!

From children's activities to live medieval music; archery; swordplay and the falconry display, there is something for everyone!

Then once you get hungry you can tuck in to an authentic roast to prepare you for the rest of the afternoon's festivities!  For more information about events taking place on the day visit the King Harold Day website.

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