International Talk Like a Pirate Day

Arrrr, me hearties unleash
your inner buccaneer on
International Talk
Like a Pirate Day
19 September

International Talk Like a Pirate Day is held every 19 September and what started on a whim between friends and has become an annual celebration.   At first I thought it was about celebrating all things ‘pirate’ but it’s not about that.  It’s purely about the lingo.

Me name be Castaway Bessy. That’s my alter ego according to a handy pirate name generator.

International Talk Like a Pirate DayPirates might be well known for looting gold and causing terror among the seas – but they have personal lives and problems too!

The creators behind the day say it’s an excuse to forget your woes.  So we are told to get into pirate character, get involved in something silly, and the potential for fun is endless.

Last year we collaborated with 3DPrintworks who designed a fantastic hook and skull and cross bones eye patch.  So, why not take some of their inspiration and 3D print  few pirate items for your costume?

But, its not just about talking like a pirate, the day also has a serious side too and lots of money is raised for good deeds!  So why not try and talk like a pirate all day and get people to sponsor you.  The opposite of a sponsored silence!  Other events could include rum-tasting, pirate movies, games and a boat race.

Facebook have a pirate language setting that was launched in 2008 and I’ve had plenty of fun making use of it.   I’m thinking that this International Talk Like A Pirate Day I’ll give ‘Pirate Speak’ a shot in the ‘real world’!

Did you know that while eye patches, peg legs and parrots all reflect the real pirate’s way of life, the walking of the plank is a myth?  It might work for ‘Peter Pan’ but in real life pirates were much more likely to just toss the person overboard!

So, pirate men, don your paper pirate hat, wave the skull flag and give it a Yo Ho, Yo Ho to Davy Jones and Splice the Mainbrace (that’s have a drink to me and you) and toast to International Pirate Day.   Savvy?

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