International Stammering Awareness Day
22 October 2015

International Stammering Awareness Day

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International Stammering Awareness Day - You may have seen ‘The King’s Speech’ – Colin Firth’s role as King George VI was a massive hit and drew a large amount of attention towards stuttering and the social stigma that often surrounds the disorder. 

Stammering and stuttering is about more than just struggling to say what you need to say.   International Stammering Awareness Day brings together individuals, groups and stammering associations to accurately educate the general public about stuttering.  Stuttering is a communication disorder that interrupts the flow of speech and can lead to feelings of anxiety and frustration and can affect confidence.   It is crucial that the public understand the condition as precisely as those who stutter understand it.   For example, did you know that it affects four times as many males as females?

The awareness day began in 1998 as an alliance between speech-language professionals and consumers.   The awareness day is designed to highlight the effect that stuttering has on the lives of individuals.

The colour of the day is sea green.  People who stammer are encouraged to adorn themselves with the colour sea green to integrate the traditional 'peace' of the colour blue and 'liberation' of the colour green.

I would struggle to cope with stuttering so I admire those who stutter and those who help sufferers.   Stammering Awareness Day also aims to eradicate stammering stereotypes and false impressions of 'cures' for this speech impediment.   There is no miracle cure but therapy can be incredibly helpful.

Did you know that Winston Churchill had problems with stuttering?   It’s hard to believe seeing as he was known for giving so many inspirational speeches during his time in power.   Carly Simon, Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s Nicholas Brendon, Lewis Carroll and Marilyn Monroe were also all sufferers who managed to go on and have very successful careers.  

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