April International Awareness Days

This April make sure you’re armed with a pillow and … ready, set, go! International Pillow Fight Day 2 April 2016

I couldn’t believe it when I heard … that yes, International Pillow Fight Day really will be taking place!

The Urban Playground Movement has described public spaces in our cities as ‘public living rooms’.   Or I suppose, in this case, it would be bedrooms!

Lots of places around the world have had great fun getting involved with pillow fight day.   See some absolutely fantastic pictures of the day taking place around the world – from Amsterdam, Budapest, to New York.

The basic idea is to get every major city in the world involved in this organised event!  Flashmobs like this are getting more and more common, and I think its a great way to let loose amidst our often stressful working weeks!

The first flashmob apparently took place in Macy’s, New York, in 2003. The Oxford Dictionary describes the flashmob as an ‘unusual and pointless act’ – basically separating it from more serious gatherings like protests and so on.  But that is the point – its not meant to mean anything serious, its all about having fun and now the world is going crazy with silent discos and pillow fights!

So for this year keep checking the International Pillow Fight Day website for event updates.  Participants are already confirming that they will take part again.

Some tips – don’t hit people too hard with your pillows!  They might be made of feathers but can still pack a punch (I would know, having been on the receiving end!).  It might be a difficult rule to remember once you get into the swing of it, but still an important safety rule!

So, if you fancy yourself as a pillow fighter … here’s wishing you happy pillow fighting!!

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