Albert Einstein, Bill Gates,
Martin Luther King
What do they
all have in common?
International Men's Day
19 November 2015

International Mens Day

International Men's Day focuses on improving gender relations and highlighting the importance of bringing up good male role models from all backgrounds and ages.   It looks at addressing problems like parenting, families and good health choices.

The United Nations and Dads4Kids are among many organisations that are supportive of International Men's Day and its causes.  They recognise the importance of observing the progress men have made through many different kinds of contributions throughout history.

Working together with women has also helped make all sorts of key advances in educational, technological, social and other ways that have shaped a better, ever-growing world.

The theme for International Men's Day 2015 is 'Working to expand Reproductive Options for Men'.  The day will focus on men's and boy's reproductive choices, such as, family planning, sexual health and safe sexual choices, as well as highlighting the importance of father's and positive male role models. 

In order to give young boys the best start in life there are specific areas that need to be addressed.  Life expectancy is an alarming one, as they live shorter lives and commit suicide more often than girls.  What are the reasons for this?

Areas like education also need to be tackled.  More and more studies are showing that females are out-performing males in school.   Skipping school and low literacy rates are also a problem, so the underlying reasons needed to be weeded out and solved.

We also need to have a good look at violence.  In school we are all discouraged from fighting yet boys are sent off to fight in adult wars. Violence is not something that should be taught and young men should feel supported.

So what will be happening on International Mens Day?   Well, there will be a lot of testosterone flying around, for a start!  Everything I've mentioned here plus much more will be discussed and celebrated through various public activities, workshops and group gatherings.

Make a mental note to remember the day and pay a compliment to a special male in your life.  It will make them feel appreciated and give you a boost for putting a smile on their face!

It's also worth remembering that Movember also takes place in November and its purpose is to change the face of men's health.  Another important day that links in with International Men's Health Day is Universal Children's Day, which takes place on 20 November each year.

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