August US Awareness Days

Cats and dogs left to roam no more animals being left without a home! 20 August 2016

International Homeless Animals Day

International Homeless Animals Day – Every year local pet shelters in America are overwhelmed by overpopulation – all because lots of poor animals have been left homeless.

When animals aren’t spayed or neutered this leaves the risk open for them to breed again and again. It’s cruel for the mother involved and cruel to her puppies or kittens.

Another big part of over-population is puppy mills – where dogs are being illegally bred and kept in tiny cages.   All these factors contribute to the reason why there are too animals.

This consequence leads to animal shelters for cats and dog animal shelters killing animal when homes can’t be found for them.

International Homeless Animals Day has been introduced to help bring about new ideas and campaigns that will help form a solution.

The government and the public need to know how important it is to get their pets neutered. The sheer number of a lack of homes there are for these helpless creatures also has to be realised!

There will be lots going on come 20 August.   Events will include adopt-a-thons, candle-light vigils, along with speeches and sometimes poetry readings.

Events were put together all over the world last year!   From Florida, Mexico and Colorado to India and Switzerland!

People get really involved with organising awards ceremonies raffles, music and dog walking.   It’s all in aid of the animals and you can plan something too if you really want!

Once you let the International Society for Animal Rights (ISAR) organisers know, you will be sent a special pack to help you out with your own event.  Go to facebook to sign up to ISAR’s facebook page for updates.

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