We are fam-i-ly!
'Get up everybody and sing'
International Day of Families
15 May annually

International Day of Families

International Day of Families was brought about by the United Nations Programme on the Family and will stress the importance of having healthy and happy relationships with your relatives.

Families are the 'basic core' of our society - we are born into them and some of the most important developing years of our lives are spent growing up with our families.

But every family life is different and the UN Family Programme recognises this.  Just as we have lots of different cultures, we also have different ways people interact with each other depending on where they're from.

Each year there is a different theme for the day.  The theme for 2016, the 22nd anniversary of the day is 'Families, healthy lives and sustainable future'.  You can keep tabs on planned upcoming events by going go to the International Day of Families website.

Our lives can get so hectic - so let's use this day to slow down and spend time with our families.  Go for a picnic or something else that bonds you together.

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