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Waltz, salsa, street anything goes if you can keep the beat! International Dance Day 29 April annually

International Dance Day
International Dance Day Image courtesy of Jenny

International Dance Day – Get ready to swivel those hips!

The day was first established by UNESCO in 1982 and it is held every 29 April, as this is the birthdate of Jean-Georges Noverre (1727-1810), creator of modern ballet.

Do you love to dance?  I know I do!  We express ourselves through dancing, it’s fun and one of the best forms of exercise!  So much so that you’ll be having too much to fun to even realise you’re working out at the same time!

It’s also a great expression of our cultures – from ceilidh dancing in Scotland to bollywood dance in India.

We all have different tastes and there’s got to be a type of dance to suit everyone.  International dancing encourages everyone who can take part to get moving!

In 2010, 300 people in Toronto performed a routine that has become a video sensation on youtube – it’s been watched over 185,000 times so far!

In 2014 a flashmob of around 50 classical dancers performed in Chennai to celebrate the day – that must have been a wonderful sight!  The opportunity to join up for some modern dance lessons is also always on offer and could be worth looking into!

So whether you fancy trying something new or heading out with some friends for the night, make sure you remember to celebrate!

And remember even if you think you’re a bad dancer and the robot move or the caterpillar is the best you’ve got – now’s the time to flaunt it!  Make sure you keep checking the International Dance Day website for more information about events in 2016.

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