The day that celebrates why
YOU'RE taking all the credit!
International Credit Union Day
15 October 2015

International Credit Union Day

International Credit Union Day will celebrate the work carried out by its members on 15 October 2015.

What is a credit union?   It's a non-profit financial co-operative that focuses on the monetary needs of its members.  The organisation as a whole is in fact also run by its members!   So its all hands on deck!

It's usually a 'common bond' that brings a group of members together to create a credit union.  So, perhaps a community or the place of work.

The reason behind setting one up is mostly to offer everyone in the union easier methods of saving, access to low-cost loans and a host of other possible benefits.   Which all becomes especially handy in our current financial climate!

And it's not like you're having the pressure of having to manage everything by yourself.   Because the Financial Services Authority regulates these unions, members can be safe in the knowledge that they've got enough leeway to handle finances by themselves whilst also having the help of an overall authority that keeps all your pennies safe!

The day has been celebrated on the third Thursday in October since 1948.  So use International Credit Union Day to raise awareness of credit unions and encourage all members to get involved in the fun!

A great idea would be a 'guest day' - where current members can bring along guests and offer them refreshments whilst giving them information on what it is they do.

You could also focus on education and our future generations by offering primary school trips to your credit union.  The more people you reach out the better, and the more people that might become interested in their own credit union membership.

Again, you can offer some food and drink and use this opportunity to build a good relationship with several different aspects of your community.  For more ideas and tips, go to the official International Credit Union Day website.  

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