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International Civil Aviation Day 7 December

International Civil Aviation Day
International Civil Aviation Day

Yes, it’s almost time to celebrate International Civil Aviation Day!  The theme for the day from 2015-2018 is ‘Working together to ensure no country is left behind’.

Did you know that an aeroplane takes off every few seconds somewhere on earth?

The United Nations (UN) International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has played a major role in ensuring the safety of airlines around the globe.

How?   By complying with ICAO standards, nations are joined together and make for a better and stronger worldwide airline service overall.

Travel is the largest industry in the world so it’s extremely important to keep everything flowing and steadily growing!

And can you imagine how much effort is put into making sure everything keeps flowing?  There’s air traffic controllers, pilots and loads of employees!  After all there is the manufcaturing and special care of the engines to take care of … it’s a never-ending cycle!

It’s all quite complicated and might take bit of getting your head around.  So if you are interested in finding out more about how it all works and why’s it’s there, head to the Air Navigation Bureau page on the official website.

When you get to reading about it, it really is quite impressive when you realise the detail involved and how easily slip-ups could have everything literally grinding to a halt!

Civil aviation is there for all of our benefit after all – we wouldn’t be able to jet off on any exotic holidays or business trips without their services!

To find out more about the day, go to the International Civil Aviation Day website.

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