International Awareness Days September

International Blood Cancer Awareness Month every September

International Blood Cancer Awareness Month

International Blood Cancer Awareness Month is an internationally recognized awareness month, which takes place in September.

The aim of the month is simple; to raise awareness of what blood cancers are, who they affect and how people can help.

Blood cancers don’t discriminate and can affect anyone at anytime. Symptoms of these diseases can often be put down to something else. Early diagnosis can make all the difference when it comes to treatment.

Blood cancers can be extremely complex.  Some patients will require a bone marrow/stem cell transplant as part of their treatment.  For many, a transplant will be their only chance of a cure.

With a significant proportion of transplants now involving unrelated donors, raising awareness of the transplant process is vital.  Many potential donors are afraid of the donation process, however 90% of people donate their stem cells in a quick and easy process, which is similar to giving blood.

Anthony Nolan, Delete Blood Cancer and the NHS Blood and Transplant service all actively recruit potential donors to the bone marrow register.  Thousands of patients worldwide are looking for a match.

Patients undergoing treatment for blood cancer often require blood or platelet transfusions.  With cancer diagnosis rates on the increase there’s a huge demand on blood donors, and yet only 4% of the able population donate blood.

We need more blood donors.  By giving new recruits an understanding of why it’s so important, we hope that people will take the time to donate. We hope that people will take the time to save a life.

Thanks to research treatment of blood cancers has improved dramatically, we still have a long way to go.  By educating the public on why research is so important, and sharing stories of how it’s helped, we hope to retain the amazing support we’ve had so far.

Bright Red hope that you will be able to participate in International Blood Cancer Awareness.  However large or small your participation may be, I can assure you it will help to make a difference.  Whether you decide to give blood, join the stem cell register or fund raise to help us fight blood cancer, your efforts will be greatly appreciated.

If you’d like to get involved please call Ashley at Bright Red on 0191 269 5467, or email