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International Anti Corruption Day 9 December

International Anti Corruption Day
International Anti Corruption Day

International Anti Corruption Day – In 2010 the Secretary-General of the United Nations broadcasted a message loud and clear about the role of the day!

So what is anti corruption?  It’s businesses taking the initiative to adopt strong policies against corruption.  Why?  Because corruption crimes like bribery and extortion, corporate espionage can be detrimental to businesses and eventually democracy.

And there are signals that corruption could be occurring.   If cash payments seem abnormal, lavish gifts are appearing out of the blue or normal procedures are suddenly being by-passed you might want to consider if there is something else at work.

The UK bribery bill continues to be revised and reviewed as unfortunately corruption has risen rapidly in the UK recently.  The bill takes corruption very seriously.  Those involved will be punished not just for bribing a person … but if you are the bribee accepting the threat or in fact in the know but preventing it from happening … you’ll be punished then as well!

In order to sustain democracy, NGOs, mulilateral institutions and businesses all need to be working together.   Strength in numbers as they say!

The theme for International Anti Corruption Day hasn’t been announced yet but in 2015 it was “Break the corruption chain”.  The event meant the bringing together of students, ambassadors, officials and experts!

School is where it all starts after all, and is the best chance to instill good morals that stay with people through to adulthood.

For more information, visit the International Anti Corruption Day website.

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