December International Awareness Days

International Animal Rights Day 10 December

International Animal Rights Day (IARD) aims to serve the same purpose as it does every year – reminding human beings that every creature on the planet deserves to be treated with equal kindness and respect.

International Animal Rights Day

International Animal Rights Day

Unfortunately, there are many animals all over the world who are cruelly mistreated.   ‘Uncaged’ work and protest to stop the abuse and and vivisection of animals, which is cutting them up and using them for scientific research.  This issue is close to my heart, as an animal lover and owner of cats myself.

So what can you do to help?   IARDs in the past have been a huge success by groups who have joined them in holding candllit vigils at places like factory farms, shopping centres and other public places.   Or the parliaments, in an attempt to have animal rights an important part of the law.  There are lots of other ways you can help, and you find all animal rights info at the International Animal Rights Day website.

For years I’ve been making sure I’m buying cosmetics not tested on animals.   It only takes a second to check the back of the product for ‘not tested on animals’.   Start with something little and together we’ll soon be making a huge difference!

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