Get your jammies on for
Humphreys Pyjama Week
5-9 October 2015

Humphreys Pyjama Week

Humphreys Pyjama Week takes place from 5-9 October 2015, which means that you can enjoy a whole week in your pyjamas.  Across the UK children will be wearing their pyjamas to school and nursery.  Each child donates £2 to wear their pj's and all the money raised goes towards The Children's Trust - and you can get involved too by visiting their website.

The charity was set up in 1984 to provide care, education and therapy to children with disabilities and complex health needs.

Rehabilitation is another big one offered to children who have suffered brain damage.  Liam was knocked down by a car while crossing a busy road and the Brain Injury Community Team helped him stay in school after his brain injury.  Meanwhile Samantha was affected by a brain haemorrhage and continues to improve with the help of speech therapy. You can read both their stories here

Although some children need help as a result of an accident, many of the others have an illness.  Thankfully, expert nursing and special education are just a couple of the types of care provided by the trust to help disabled children.

Now in its 31st year, the charity is stronger than ever, but they still need your help to raise money and keep up the level of excellent care they provide.

And because last year’s Humphreys Pyjama Week was such a great success, hopes are flying high!  Humphrey from the book Humphrey’s Corner has been a great inspiration!  Humphrey stories, themed sleep-overs and tea-parties, lessons on elephants and Humphrey raffles were all part of the fun!

Do you know how one school really went all out?  They adopted a real live elephant!  Wow, what will you do to top that!

Each school and nursery that registers to take part in Humphreys Pyjama Week will receive an activity pack with treasure hunts and recipes to educate kids in a fun way about all the work the charity does.   Each child will also receive a certificate as a lovely memento!   If you're a teacher and want your school to get involved, just visit the official site to find out more.

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