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Have you submitted your Deskie? National Promotional Products Week

Have you submitted your Deskie

National Promotional Products Week runs from the 15-19 September and is a celebration of the power of promotional products.  It’s an industry that’s worth almost £1bn and includes an expansive range of gifts from the T shirt, baseball cap, conference folder, pen, mousemat, mug and so much more.

Promotional products can be used for all sorts of different reasons, to create brand awareness, to thank customers and employees, to create action through incentive and rewards and to build loyalty with an audience. Much is given away, but an increasing number of organisations use it as a powerful and important revenue stream, particularly the charitable sector.

This year, the theme for Promotional Products Week centres around the ‘Deskie’, our take on the ‘Selfie’.  We are encouraging people to send in photos of their desk, however messy or original.  This is supported by some interesting research which establishes those items people keep on their desk, much of which can be branded.  The pen still prevails as the most important and useful branded gift.

More details about the findings of our research were launched on 15 September.  So, if you want to send us examples of great promotional products you love or have kept, there’s many to get in touch …

For more information visit the Promotional Products Week website.

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