British Awareness Days February

Lets make others keen to go green! Go Green Week 8-13 February 2016

Go Green Week

People and Planet are hosting Go Green Week to draw peoples’ attention to climate change and opting for greener alternatives!   Now all they need are plenty of students to help them do it!

Rising temperatures and changes in the environment has led to all sorts of natural disasters like floods, tsunamis and tornadoes.   The results have drastically changed peoples lives, and often meant having to uproot and start all over again completely.

And it’s not just people hit by these disasters in far-away countries that are at risk – the worse the problem gets, the more likely we all are to end up affected.

The organisers of the event have suggested a whole host of activities that you can get involved in during the week.

So what’s so special about having the week in February?   Well, Valentines Day of course!   Why not set the mood by participating in Carbon Speed Dating.  It’s like normal speed dating except you’ll be matched up with people according to your carbon footprint!

Or, why not hold your own ‘Green Curry Night fundraiser’?  Invite your friends, taste some food, and have fun!  Just remember to ask for donations.  If you’ll be too busy to actually take part, you can pay for a takeaway on the organisation’s behalf!

Schools and colleges from all around the country will be putting on events.  Check the Go Green Week website for all the latest information about the events taking place during the week.

And don’t forget to send any funds raised at your local events to People and Planet!

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