Pick up the soap
and show 'em the ropes!
Global Handwashing Day
15 October 2015

Global Handwashing Day

Global Handwashing Day - Do you always clean your hands?   It's something that we easily take for granted.  We can choose from all different types and smells of soap, it's easy to get a hold of and usually quite cheap.  But not everywhere!

Millions of children in developing countries die every year because of diahorrea or respiratory infections they've picked up.  We're taught to avoid getting infections by washing our hands regularly!  

Although I’ve seen grown adults leaving the toilet without washing their hands!  Such a lazy thing to do when being able to do so is a privilege for us – and should be seen as a necessity too!  There are lots of important times that washing hands can be overlooked: when preparing food, after changing a child and really essentially when you or someone else nearby is sick and you need to stop the infection from spreading further.

My friend who studies dentistry had to undergo some strenuous handwashing tests as part of his training.  It’s so important to remain clean for your patients when working in the health service – so much so that this friend actually failed one of the tests because he wasn’t washing thoroughly enough!  It’s quite comforting to know that handwashing is taken so seriously in the important sectors.

Global Handwashing Day wants to draw awareness to handwashing because it is something hardly ever put into practice.  The idea is to show people the benefits of turning handwashing into an automatic response - making it a habit could save more lives than a vaccine or other medicine could do.

Last year events took place all over the world.  Some communities celebrated the day by dedicating poems, songs, drama and quizzes to the children - relating the subject to them in a way that makes the learning experience fun!

Will you get involved?  Don't worry if you're a bit stuck for ideas, there are plenty at the Global Handwashing Day website.  You could also find out more at the UK Global Handwashing Day website.

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