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Get ready for National Women in Engineering Day (NWED)

Get ready for this year’s NWED

Get ready for National Women in Engineering DayNWED (National Women in Engineering Day) takes place on the 23rd of June and will be celebrated across the UK to help inspire the next generation of female engineers.

Last year WES (Women’s Engineering Society) launched NWED to celebrate their 95th anniversary, and as a way of encouraging external organisations and establishments to promote engineering among girls.  By uniting thousands of people on NWED, WES aims to bridge the gap between women and engineering, encouraging more girls across the UK to consider engineering as a serious profession.

Over 250 schools and 100 organisations around the UK celebrated NWED last year by hosting their own engineering-related activities and events. The day provides the perfect opportunity to directly dispel gender barriers while promoting diversity and equality in engineering among young people. This is achieved by encouraging as many people, establishments and organisations as possible to host their own engineering-related events and activities in order to reveal the true, exciting and diverse identity of engineering.

After the success of last year’s event, WES are aiming to make NWED bigger and better for 2015 and hope to encourage a lot more people and organisations to get involved and help promote engineering to more young women.

Anyone can get involved and help break down gender barriers in the engineering sector: whether you host your very own engineering event, invite a local female engineer to your school, or tweet about NWED using Twitter hashtag #nwed.  The main thing to remember is that you want the public to be aware that engineering is a diverse and exciting profession suitable for everyone!

For more information, visit the National Women in Engineering Day website and request a resource pack.

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