September is
Friendship Month

Friendship Month

There’s smiles brewing this September 
Oddfellows Friendship Month – bringing people together

Throughout September as part of Oddfellows Friendship Month, Oddfellows volunteer members are hosting hundreds of fun SociabilTEA events up and down the country.

It’s their annual campaign to bring communities closer together and highlight the importance of friendship to the nation.

Come along, the kettle's on

Having friends around you not only makes you feel happier, but healthier too.  So Oddfellows will be putting the kettle on at each of their SociabilTEA events - which include walks, tea dances and craft workshops - so people of all ages can come together over a simple cuppa.  All events are free or inexpensive and open to everyone.  Find your nearest at the Oddfellows Friendship Month website.

Share your #mugshots

To spread the joy of friendship, this year Oddfellows are inviting you to take a pic as you have a brew with a friend and to share it using #mugshots.

About the Oddfellows

The Oddfellows is one of the largest and oldest friendly societies in the UK, with 280,000 members across 146 Branches nationwide.

Oddfellows believe that through friendship, care and charity they can make a big impact on the quality of people’s lives.  It’s a formula that has remained unchanged since the Society began in 1810 – helping their members, year round, to make friends and enjoy the social side of life, as well as provide them with care and support in times of need.

Images © Oddfellows

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