Do you know what
fibromyalgia is?
Fibromyalgia Awareness Week
6-14 September 2014

Fibromyalgia Awareness Week - Do you know what fibromyalgia is?

Unfortunately lots of people are still not aware of the condition or the horrible effects it has on both sufferers and their families.   The condition can be triggered by a traumatic event, whether emotional or prompted by something physical like childbirth or a viral infection.  So what are the symptoms of fibromyalgia?   Signs include: muscle pain and stiffness, fatigue, poor concentration and irritable bowel syndrome.

Fibromyalgia Awareness Week will see lots of support groups around the UK wearing the Fibromyalgia Association's trademark yellow and black ribbon and other clothes of the same colours.  While it's easy to pass by someone with the condition without realising, it'll be impossible to miss these bold colours!

But you might still be wondering, why dedicate a whole week to it? Approximately 2-4% of our population could have the conditon and remain undiagnosed.   The effects of fibromyalgia make daily tasks difficult to carry out which can leads to feeling of letting others down. This just leads to more stress, and just worsens things even further!

The good news is there is lots you can do to help.   First of all you can request posters and leaflets to draw attention to the day.   You can also organise your own fundraising day or become a volunteer.  Visit the Fibromyalgia Association UK website for all the information you need about how you can get involved!

Fibromyalgia Association UK is a non profit making registered charity, which is run by volunteers, many of them are fibromyalgia sufferers and they work very hard to raise awareness of the cause.   All donations will help with fundraising to allow the Fibromyalgia Association to continue with their work. So you can go to the Just Giving website to offer your support to this worthwhile charity.

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