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Family Learning Festival

Family Learning Festival
Family Learning Festival

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family learning at the
Family Learning Festival
14-29 October 2017

We all know learning is fun and during the Family Learning Festival from 14-29 October 2017 we are encouraged to make it a family affair.   Using the festival as the backdrop to do some family learning is the perfect excuse to see just how smart your gene pool is!

Did you know that a child’s family can have a massively positive influence on their learning?   Relatives can improve their child’s overall performance by getting involved, asking what they’re up to at school and taking an active role in their studies.   I know this really helped me become more motivated and provided me with more self-belief that’s set me up for life!

And since I’ve been learning more about children’s’ development I’ve found out lots of interesting facts!   Did you know that children run faster in the first ten years of life than any other time?

Family Learning Festival events take place across a range of venues up and down the country; from shopping centres and cultural venues to local community, leisure and educational venues.

The organisers have produced an online planning guide; an invaluable resource for anyone considering hosting an event.  If you register your event they will even help promote it through national media and online.

The aim of the festival is to realise your own fabulous potential and to look at the world in a new light that makes you feel completely different about it.

The timing of the festival would be ideal for you to produce Halloween-themed family decorations through learning new art techniques.  Or learn to sew and create a set of family costumes!   Why not try learning a language, learning technology or even research learning techniques.

Organised by the Campaign for Learning, the festival is designed to engage families in learning and increase confidence about the wealth of skills any family has.