British Awareness Days March

A condition unseen for far too long! So, it’s time to bring it out of the shadows Endometriosis Awareness Week 3-9 March 2016

The aim of Endometriosis Awareness Week is to draw awareness to a condition that often goes unrecognised and therefore untreated in women.  So what is it exactly?

The problem arises when the tissue that usually grows inside the womb starts growing in other places in the body.  While the tissue in the womb falls away with a period, this tissue remaining on the outside can lead to cysts and scar tissue.  For more information and endometriosis support visit the website.

Do you want to help women with endometriosis?  Well, you can and in so many different ways!  All you have to do is ask for a fundraising pack online and get planning your own event.

Why not host a dinner party for your friends and ask for a donation – or do some spring cleaning and hold a jumble sale!  We all have stuff that we don’t use or wear hidden away and I bet if you got other people to band together and do the same you’d soon have a great event!

From a Lapland Husky Trail to cycling round India – Endometriosis UK have done it all.

Now it’s time to show what you can do!

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