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A Day to Boost Morale Employee Motivation Day 25 February 2016

Employee Motivation Day
Employee Motivation Day

Employee Motivation Day 2016 will take place on Thursday 25 February.  It is an event created by Argos for Business to inspire passion and appreciation across the country’s workforce and encourages all organisations to put motivation to the forefront of business thinking.  Argos for Business has recruited Roger Black MBE, athlete, three times Olympic medallist and motivational speaker, to lend his support. 

Ahead of Employee Motivation Day (EMD)Argos for Business has commissioned a nationwide survey exploring motivation levels among the UK’s workforce and examining how various personality types take on very different roles.  All employees have a specific skills set and form a vital part of a team in the workplace, whether they are people-orientated, creative, questioning or prefer to work quietly and independently – they all deserve to be recognised for their ongoing contribution to a business.  Businesses can thrive by encouraging a collaborative working environment that allows each personality type to have an impact. Are you one of the following?

  • Big Idea Bods 
  • Go-getting Gregarians  
  • Observant Operators 
  • Captain Questions 
  • Independent Introverts 
  • Confident Creatives  
  • Logical Leaders  
  • People orientated performers 

Why EMD? 

Holding your own official Employee Motivation Day can be a simple way to encourage everyone in your company to show their appreciation for everyone’s hard work.  

  • If you’re a boss, running an Employee Motivation Day is your chance to motivate your employees, helping to get the best out of them. Companies should acknowledge and reward employees in ways that suit the individual. Ultimately, a one-size fits all approach is not advisable, particularly when you consider how many personalities make up a team. 
  • For staff, it’s your chance to recognise the contribution your colleagues make to the team.  

Want to get involved?  To organise your own Employee Motivation Day, download your FREE motivation resource pack here.  You can share your motivational stories via the Facebook page or Twitter feed – please use the hash tags #NatMotivateDay #EmployeeMotivationDay #emd #MakeTheTeam.

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